How To Choose A Contractor To Repair The Roof?

Although we like to take care of the repairs of our own home, the problems with the residential roof always require a highly qualified professional.

Therefore, selecting a specialized roofing contractor is one of the most important decisions you will make in your home. Professionalism, experience, and quality artistry should influence as much as the price of your choice. We advise you not to hurry and invest the necessary time to follow these steps and finally make a right decision.

Steps To Choose A Contractor

Ask for the name of the person who will be in charge of the project, how many workers will be needed, and how long it will take to complete it.Make sure you choose a company committed to the safety and training of its workers. Ask the contractor what type of security training they provide to their workers.

Start by making a list of potential roofing contractors.

Verify that they belong to an association of the regional or national industry.

Ask about their supervision procedures and project quality control.

Get references on the latest projects you have worked on.

Before Starting The Repair

Select the best materials. Ask for the names of the brands, useful life, thickness, design and available colors.Read the type of warranties offered for the roof, and keep in mind the provisions that would void them.Insist that you receive a written and detailed estimate, clearly indicating the number of materials needed, labor charges, job specifications, and also include the approximate dates of start and end and payment options.

In the "Sunshine State" (Florida)

Select a tile with a solar reflectivity that can reduce your energy bills. The Landmark Solaris product is an ENERGY STAR rated roofing product and qualifies for an energy tax credit of up to $ 1,500 under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. For more information, visit the CertainTeed Energy Tax Credit page.See the ceilings section of the CertainTeed website to find out more about Integrity Roof System and the selection of high-quality roof repair products available to protect your home.


Roof Repair

If you need to repair a roof, CertainTeed recommends that you hire a professional roofing contractor to do the job; to find a CertainTeed credentialing company, visit the “Searching for professionals” section of the CertainTeed website.

The roof protects the interior of your home and CertainTeed recommends that you take the following precautions to safeguard it and avoid damage to the shelter due to storms, strong winds, and heavy rains:

  • Check for water leaks. Even the slightest holes that go unnoticed can become a huge problem if a hurricane or other weather phenomenon of massive proportions. To detect water leaks, look at the walls and ceiling of the interior of the house to see if there are spots or damages caused by water that indicate that there is a leak. Also, go up to the attic with a flashlight the next time it rains and sees if there are leaks in the lower part of the base of the roof and the beams of this.
  • Keep the vegetation under control. Branches that fall from trees or brush against the roof could cause considerable damage. Cut the large branches that extend over the roof and ask a professional to inspect the yard and see if there is any tree that has to be fully started. Also clean the gutters and roof parts that are full of leaves, branches or trash. Obstructions prevent water from running correctly.
  • Perform preventive maintenance. Call a roofing contractor to inspect your roof and make necessary repairs to the rain gutters, caulking and shingles before winter or the rainy season. Most leaks occur where the roof meets the walls and in penetrations such as skylights, ventilation pipes, and chimneys. Missing or broken shingles can be replaced, and loose tabs can be reattached with an asphalt cement roofing application.
  • If your house needs a roof repair. Do not wait until after winter or the rainy season. What it costs to replace the roof is only part of the possible losses that could be suffered in the interior of the house, in the furniture and other possessions.
  • Choose roof systems products for the best performance and protection. Be sure to use roof repair products, including waterproof or waterproof underlays, shingles, and accessories that meet or exceed performance standards set by ASTM, UL or building codes. Choose products that protect your home from the elements and weather that are specific to your geographic location.